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The fires and storms in your life will either define you or refine you.

It's not about the objects you leave your loved ones. It's about What you pour into them.

It's time to say excuse me to the excuses and get to the place God has planned for you.

Put your faith in God because He will never fail you! 

God has chosen you for a specific reason. It's time for you to get to the reservation that was made on your behalf.

There is good news to share with the world and it's that Jesus is alive!!!

Your praise is unique to you. God desires your praise as you're the only one who can give it.

This is a house of healing! This is a house of miracles! This is a house where chains are broken!

The love of God for us is powerful enough to break every stronghold in your life!

No matter your age, you still have something to give to the kingdom.

Get ready for what God has in store for you!

If you are not growing, you are decaying. Pastor Steve brings a message of encouragement about failing forward.

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